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Diner Debrief - Companion Episode to: From Injury to Inspiration

Episode Summary

Hello Home Base Nation! We invite you to listen to the previous episode featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff on 12-23-19, prior to tuning in to this Diner Debrief. For this week’s Diner Debrief, we are joined by two servicemember colleagues for some thoughts and perspective after listening to the episode, From Injury to Inspiration - Featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff. Marine Veteran Brendan McCaffrey and Army Warrant Officer One Armand Hunter will comment with host Dr. Ron Hirschberg about protecting our civilian journalists who are serving in their own way, needs for all of our TBI survivors, and brotherhood and family-hood.

Episode Notes

After you listen to a new podcast or episode, do you look forward to discussing it with someone? Different people will reflect on, or remember different comments or concepts. And I imagine these conversations happening at a local diner. I can also see civilians and military folks having a cup of coffee across from one other at a booth, not talking to each, but with each other. And you never know when friend of Home Base Darden Smith’s song Love Will Win the War will come on the jukebox…. So, for this Bonus/companion episode to: From Injury to Inspiration - Featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff, pull up a chair with us for a… Diner Debrief.

- Dr. Ron Hirschberg / Host, Home Base Nation


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