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Dogs On Deployment! - Featuring Marine Veteran and CEO of DoD Alisa Johnson

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Ron talks with former U.S. Marine Corps Captain, KC-130J Super Hercules Pilot and founder of Dogs on Deployment, Alisa Johnson about serving both as a Marine and as a CEO of a team that finds volunteer boarders for military members, veterans, and first responders' pets while deployed. Building a business along with husband and Navy Veteran Shawn Johnson, discovering new identities, and transitioning to civilian life with a strong nod to those invaluable skills learned from the Marine Corps are discussed.

Episode Notes

DoD provides military members, veterans and first responders the access to volunteers who board their pets during their deployments and service commitments. The whole family serves, and because pets are such an important part of all of our families, this organization really takes care of not only the pet but that person who is serving our country.

You can learn more about Dogs On Deployment at: www.dogsondeployment.org

And  a special thanks to Army Veteran Elizabeth Cordejo for telling us your story, and congratulations to Kali Cordejo, DoD 2020 Military Pet of the Year!


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