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Recipes for success from the kitchen to the Pentagon - Featuring British Navy Veteran Chef Robert Irvine

Episode Summary

Chef Robert Irvine joined the British Navy at the age of 15 and long after leaving the service continues to utilized his military training and determination to serve others. He brings discipline, talent and experience to home kitchens, small businesses and most recently to the Pentagon. In addition to being a world class chef, fitness leader, author and Food Network host he founded The Robert Irvine Foundation in 2014 to support veterans and military organizations. Dr. Ron is joined by cohost and Home Base dietician Nicolette Maggiolo in the kitchen to Zoom-sit with the British Navy Veteran to discuss military food and fuel, the 2020 season of his acclaimed show "Restaurant Impossible" that highlights COVID-affected restaurant families, and his amazing Foundation.

Episode Notes

We would like to thank the great folks at Stop and Shop for all you do for our communities especially during these unprecedented times. This past Spring, Home Base and Mass General Brigham leadership teamed up with the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to stand up Boston Hope, a COVID-19 Field Hospital. Stop and Shop showed their service to the hospital by bringing food and supplies to Boston Hope’s patients and staff.  

Make sure to check out Stop and Shop's 6 week family cooking series At The Table with Robert Irvine  !

To learn more about Chef Irvine, The Robert Irvine Foundation, and the new documentary Hell Or High Seas about hope and healing around post-traumatic stress - Go to chefirvine.com.


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