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Winning Hearts and Minds - Featuring Green Beret Kevin Flike and JFK Presidential Library and Museum Director Alan Price

Episode Summary

We sit with Staff Sgt. Kevin Flike, a Green Beret inspired by the same call to serve as President Kennedy during WWII. Kevin joined the Army in September 2007, and in September 2011 was severely wounded while deployed in Afghanistan. We are joined by Director of the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, Alan Price. Mr. Price, also an Army Veteran, was appointed by President Obama as Associate Director of the Peace Corps in 2015. Together, we discuss the legacy of JFK in a life of service in times of peace and war.

Episode Notes

The US Army Special Forces is the special operations force established in 1952. Throughout the 1950s the Green Beret was worn as an unofficial part of the SF uniform, until 1961 when President JFK authorized the GB as the official head gear. JFK called the green beret "a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom."


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